What happens when we cannot express ourselves well because of the mask?

After months of pandemic, the mandatroy use of masks has little by little made people apart, losing confidence and communication.

In the case of the deaf community, for example, this problem has worsened since they have been deprived of basic resources for their communication such as lip reading, visualization of facial expression or sound...basic needs that turn out to be hindered by the use of the mask. 

Transparent masks have been in existence for months but both parents, teachers or professionals facing the public have felt restrained from acquiring them due to lack of information and regulations that they pass and comply with.

But all this is finally over.

Finally, these types of masks have been regularized. Consequently, responible and quality brands like ours can offer a little light to this reality.

Yes, at last, we will all smile again.

Find here with this video in sign language and subtitles that explains it to you.

What is a Visible Mask like?


Makes it possible to see facial expresion

Facilitates lip reading

Does not mitigate the sound

Raises awarnes

There are sizes for all ages


Certified by recognized laboratories

Complies with the UNE-CWA 17553:2020 standard

Filters 86% infectious organisms

It incorporates Heiq Viroblock antiviral technology

Fits the face well


It is light and does not weigh

It breathes well and does not irritate the skin

Does not tarnish

It is made of fabric and the rubbers are soft

Dries very quickly and lasts 15 washes

Designed for


Being a school, a language academy, a garden of childhood, speech therapist or working in special education, a transparent mask will bring you much closer to the student, breaking communication barriers that pandemic brought us.

The deaf community

Both for you and for those who interact with you, lip reading is essential, good sound and being able to see your facial expression. The goal is the deaf person to be able to understand the whole message and feel much more confident.

Bussines facing the public

Professionals who work for the public, now more than ever they need to smile to their clients. Personal attention and the human care in these moments of social distancing is appreciated more than ever. 

Put on a Visible Mask and don't miss a moment

Inclusive, safe and comfortable, designed to make your life easier

  • 100% waterproof and bacterial polyamide fabric.

  • It complies with UNE-CWA 17553:2020 regulation (European Certificate).

  • Laboratories: LEITAT IN-02084/2020-1 | AMSLAB 20-012758.
  • It Incorporates Heiq Viroblock technology, a treatment with antiviral and bactericidal properites.
  • You can use it for 4 hours without sanitizing.
  • Supports up to 30 washes.

  • Available in various sizes.

  • Very light.

  • Reusable and respectful with the environment.

  • Does not mist up the glasses.

   Price: 10.89 €/unit

For orders over 100 units, and if you are an educational entity, a non-profit association or body that belongs to the Public Administration, you can contact us to manage your order.

Shipping costs €20. Free from de 120€


Do you want to contact Visible Mask? 


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