copy of Visible Mask

copy of Visible Mask

Visible Mask  allows you to schow your facial expressions and be able to communicate better.

It makes life easier, more humane, more fun.

Transparent mask, 100% polyamide fabric that breathes and does not wear out.

They comply with CWA 17553: 2020 (European Certificate)

Laboratories:  LEITAT IN-02084/2020-1 | AMSLAB 20-012758

Supports up to 30 washes

Available in different sizes

HeiQ Viroblock Swiss Technology with antiviral and bactericidal properties added to the mask's fabric.

Respectfull with the environment for being reusable.

For orders over 100 units, and if you are an educational entity, a non-profit association or body that belongs to the Public Administration, you can contact us to manage your order.

VAT included
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Pink


Thanks to Visible Mask's high degree of transparency, every one will be able to see your smile again.

Visible Mask protects you and those around you by complying with the regulations UNE-CWA 17553:2020  that establish the requirements that reusable hygienic masks for children and adults need.

You can use the Visible Mask mask for 4 hours and wash it up 15 times.

HeiQ Viroblock treatment with antiviral and bactericidal properties, is added to the mask's fabric during the final stage of manufacturing.


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